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Returning to my roots

Switching from Danish to English

Well, hello there. It’s been a while.

Back in the summer of 2018, I decided to start this blog. Back then, I made wrote in English and tried to communicate in ways I wasn’t comfortable with. I then decided to reform the blog and write it in Danish – while trying to fill the gaps of information that seemed to be an issue on the Danish pipeline for diabetes and technology.

Since then, the Danes seem to be getting up to date, and my services are no longer needed (if they ever really were at all). Therefore, I am pleased to announce that I’ll be returning to the international blogging-scene! I will, however, stay on the topic of diabetes and the technology – since that is my preferred topics.

I will still be producing guides, both in English and in Danish, for acquiring software to advance diabetes-treatment.

The new premise on the blog will be focusing on topics as diabetes, artificial pancreas-systems (better known as LOOP, AAPS or OpenAPS), reviews and guides to meters, apps, and equipment, as well as my own personal view on different diabetes-related topics throughout my journey with my diabetes – her name is Dolores, by the way (curtesy to the great @relateable_t1d on Instagram).

I hope you all are ready to hear me babble on about all those things in life that make diabetes a pain at times, as well as my take on how to deal with such in a conceivable manner!

That’s all for now! See ya’ later!


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